NextLeadLinks – the Best Alternative to a Typical Link Building Service

Save your time on the research — we have a list of webmasters on our books covering a whole host of topics and niches, for whatever criteria you have.
Reduced costs
We consistently work with reliable webmasters and place many articles, so we get the best deals available.
Personalized services
Even if we’ve not got the exact website you need on our books, we’ll find it for you and get the deal done.

We offer 3 different SEO-lead packages that involve different levels of your involvement. With us you, can both order a full backlink placement service or subscribe to a regular newsletter to build a natural white-hat SEO.

Choose the plan that best meets your SEO strategy and we will gladly become a creator of your website success.

FREE LEADS – Backlink Service with Slow but Steady Approach

If you prefer SEO in a slow but steady way, subscribe to our regular custom newsletter with 10 leads a week (40 leads monthly). It’s a free tool that delivers to your inbox 10 leads in the chosen business category. This service lets you further process the suggested leads and cater for contextual link placement on your own.

FREE LEADS is best suited for:

  • small ecommerce websites
  • websites where SEO optimization is secondary
  • sites with good SEO standing

It’s also the best bet for those interested in testing our performance prior to ordering paid backlink service.

PRO LEADS – Best Suited for Quick Results

If you need to boost your SEO standing in a short term and in an affordable way, opt for PRO LEADS – a custom database of relevant leads for your website in one batch. You can purchase from 50 to 100 industry-specific leads that would meet your requirements (traffic, DA, etc) and be prepared per your request in a manual way. With this cheap database, you don’t need to address any link building service as all contacts are well-prepared to work with you.

PRO LEADS is for:

  • websites where SEO is primary
  • agencies with a SEO-specialist
  • reaching big results with small efforts

Contact us with your requirements and buy a fully-accomplished database of custom-selected leads within 7 business days.

VIP LEADS – All-in-One SEO Support

If you prefer a professional consultant take control over your company website, order VIP Leads link building service and outsource link placement to our agency. Specify your budget, SEO-requirements to backlinks and let us run negotiations with webmasters. Upon request, we can also perform complete website analysis (run by specialists, not an online checker), find loopholes for your inbound strategy success, create navigation label, etc.

VIP LEADS is for:

  • companies without a SEO specialist
  • reputable websites with high SEO competition
  • big projects with a complex SEO-strategy

Spare yourself the trouble of the boring arrangements and get high-quality link placements on high-authority websites with VIP Leads service. Contact us to get prices for VIP linking help and get a prompt reply from our firm.

Search no further. Google is our friend, effective solutions are our motto. One of these linkbuilding tools is bound to get your website to top engine positions without using automatic SEO builder, link generator or using low-paid link provider from India. Our solutions are human-driven and the strategies we offer will never get you back.

We know how to drive success and invite you to join, not simply watch.

How it works?
Complete the enquiry form, including the criteria for the websites you need, the topics you want, the traffic level, and anything else you want us to know
Once we’ve got all the details, we’ll give you a list of sites where your link can get placed
Choose the sites you like
You’ll be given the up to date prices for each link placement
Tell us which placement you want to go ahead with. Your link gets placed as per your request
We only take payment when the link goes live, unless the webmaster wants prepayment for the link to be placed
Prices for Individualized Web Placements
For our services, you are going to pay only $20 to place your link and 50% of the traded cost, apart from the price paid to a webmaster.
Enjoy Better Offers
To give an example, a normal link would cost you $200 to get placed, but we get that link for $100.
We Charge Up to Half the Price
Our service fee for getting that done is $20, as well as half of the money you’ve saved in the process - you’ve saved $100 so we charge $50 of that saving.
Save Your Money
In total you pay $170 for a quick placement that would cost $200 plus a lot of effort.
We Can Find Best Placements
At a minimum, you must pay for three placements upfront, $60, so we can start the search for the right websites for you

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