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Save your time on the research — we have a list of webmasters on our books covering a whole host of topics and niches, for whatever criteria you have.

Reduced Costs

We consistently work with reliable webmasters and place many articles, so we get the best deals available.

Personalized Services

Even if we’ve not got the exact website you need on our books, we’ll find it for you and get the deal done.

When you order with us, we work with
  • A database of links developed over many years
  • A network of webmasters, not brokers
  • Lower prices, 2-5 times cheaper than brokers in the same field
  • A guarantee that deleted links will be attempted to be restored
  • Instant placement reports so you know what’s going on
  • Top industry operators so we will negotiate better prices for you
  • Bulk orders with webmasters, passing on the negotiated savings
When you have to do all the legwork yourself
  • Valuable time gets wasted on searching, selecting, and corresponding with each site
  • You have to accept a high price - webmasters won’t negotiate on single article placement
  • Time gets wasted looking for different sites for all the different links you need
  • Brokers might come up on your radar and you have to pay them more than standard
Complete the enquiry form, including the criteria for the websites you need, the topics you want, the traffic level, and anything else you want us to know
Once we’ve got all the details, we’ll give you a list of sites where your link can get placed
Choose the sites you like
You’ll be given the up to date prices for each link placement
Tell us which placement you want to go ahead with
Your link gets placed as per your request
We only take payment when the link goes live, unless the webmaster wants prepayment for the link to be placed

An awesome service! I was so impressed by their work I felt compelled to leave a review. Getting your articles linked is a powerful tool in business, buying them can be a great investment. We’ve gone through the process before to get linked to the top sites in our industry, with NextLeadLinks the process is so much smoother; it’s easy and fast. The best link buying experience I’ve had by far.

Mr. Speedy

The value of backlinks is the immediate uptick in site traffic that they generate for minimal investment

Links create value for your business with immediate site traffic increases at a low cost

To give an example, a normal link would cost you $200 to get placed, but we get that link for $100.
Our service fee for getting that done is $20, as well as half of the money you’ve saved in the process - you’ve saved $100 so we charge $50 of that saving.
In total you pay $170 for a quick placement that would cost $200 plus a lot of effort.
At a minimum, you must pay for three placements upfront, $60, so we can start the search for the right websites for you