How to Create Backlinks and Why Hiring NextLeadLinks Might Be Reasonable


Have you ever thought about that mysterious link building for your website? Some people still believe that getting backlinks is all about looking for websites where one can place a link. However, it is not completely correct. Here, we will check what the backlinks that are so much spoken about nowadays are, and how to create them properly to ensure that your website moves up in search ranking.

First of all, what are backlinks? Yes, right, those are links on a website that lead to your resource. Are they important? Definitely yes. They show any search engine that your content that you have placed on your website is so valuable that somebody links to it. Thus, the search engine moves your website up in the search ranking. 

Are all the backlinks the same? Well, just an example: you would prefer:

  • A link from some dubious website that nobody knows about;
  • A reputable resource, say, Forbes.

We believe that Forbes would be preferable, and any search engine believes the same. However, getting those backlinks is not an easy task. To find at least a couple of resources, you need to do a lot of work.

How to Get Backlinks from Reputable Resources

Now, you might want to learn ASAP how to build backlinks from all the possible resources. Thus, let us check the entire process that a link builder follows to get backlinks. 

First, let us have a look at the process of creating backlinks that lead to your valuable content from a reputable source.

Step 1

Check what keywords or content pieces in your niche get the most links from other websites. For that, select a keyword and run a search in Google.

And check what pages appear at the top. If the keyword is popular, it means that already many resources have placed quality backlinks to that piece of content. 

Step 2

Check the resources that you rank high in your niche and create content that is better than on those resources. Usually, if your content is worth attention, people start sharing it and linking to it.

Step 3

Now, you can move on with your content and offer reputable resources with a high ranking to link to them. This is the best option to get backlinks for free. One of the most reliable ways to advertise your content is to offer it to the resources that you are advertising in your niche. For example, if your content is a list of tools for SEO, it is logical to check whether the official websites of all the tools are willing to link to your website. 

Contacting a webmaster is also a procedure worth utmost attention and care. Your mail shall be personalized and explain why your link might be worth placing on the resource. One benefit you have already: from the performed analysis, you know what links the webmaster is interested in. However, he/she might have thousands of offers; thus, your offer shall stand out. 

Consider also that some webmasters will not be interested in an offer of one link. They would prefer a bulk of links to make it worth the effort.

Now, you think that you might rest back and relax, but no. After placing backlinks, you need to monitor them constantly to ensure that they aren’t removed or broken.

How to Build Backlinks from Different Sources

Do you want to know other options of how to get backlinks that work? Another great option that no link builder misses is to create backlinks from resources that are outdated. 

Step 1

Check for the websites that have moved, stopped functioning, don`t update anything on the resource, etc. 

Ask yourself: “Can they be useful for my business?” If the response is positive, move on with that resource.

Step 2

Find out who has linked to the old URL. A link checker can do it for you. Select those sites that have a high Domain Authority.

Step 3

Connect to the webmasters of the resources and indicate them politely that the resource they are linking to is not functioning anymore. Explain why a link to your resource instead of the old one would be good for their resource. If you have done everything correctly, you will get the link. 

While there are many more ways to build backlinks, these are the most efficient. You can check how to build backlinks in other ways, too, if you have enough time. 

To make the entire process more efficient, you can hire some specialists from NetLeadLinks who know how to create backlinks. For example, you can hire an analyzer or a generator, or any other specialist to work with the niches that you don’t feel confident in. Another option is just to buy backlinks. If you purchase backlinks from NLL (they know how to get backlinks that are the best), you will have an opportunity to work with your business, and link building specialists will create the best links for you.

Final Thoughts

Whatever way you choose, the main thing is that it works properly. If you build links independently, make sure you have the valuable content that other people need and want to link to. After getting the desired links, ensure they are monitored to avoid their elimination. 

If you purchase links from a reliable company, such as NLL, you can be confident that everything will be done for you. And meanwhile, you can take time to manage your business in the best way.